Upcoming Library events

📅 RTW Weekly Discussion

  • Time: Saturday at 10am CET/CEST
  • Location: Logo for the Library & Garden sectionLibrary garden

We meet every Saturday at 10am CET/CEST for about two hours to discuss the development of ResponsibleTech.Work and current responsible tech news.

Event calendar

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Other events

We invite you to use the library for your own conversations on responsible tech. Please keep in mind that we’re currently using the free hosted version of WorkAdventure with a limit of 15 concurrent users and that bubble zones are limited to a maximum of 4 people. If you’re meeting in a larger group, you can use the large table in the garden, where visitors can join a Jitsi meet room.

We can set up additional Jitsi meet areas in the Library to support larger events. If you’d like to organize an event in the Library, please send us an email at info@ResponsibleTech.Work