Your work in the tech industry matters. Learn how to make it more responsible.

The ResponsibleTech.Work framework equips tech workers with practical tools for more responsible product development.

The framework

ResponsibleTech.Work is an open-source framework developed by tech workers for tech workers. The framework has three core elements:

The Pledges

Learn about key principles of responsible product development and get INSPIRED to act and start the conversation with your team, regardless of your job title.


Learn how to EVOLVE existing processes within your company or team to innovate and develop more responsible products. A great starting point for managers and product owners.


When you’re ready to ACT responsibly every day, explore a set of practical tools based on your role. To make it easy to start, the tools are an upgrade of what you’re already familiar with.

What is responsible product development?

Responsible product development acknowledges the great power digital products have over people’s lives, the hidden social and environmental costs of digital products, and actively seeks better solutions for people and the planet.

Responsible product development values:

  • the wellbeing of people and the planet over short-term revenue and vanity metrics,
  • sustainable business models over unsustainable growth,
  • building products that are good for people and the planet over building products just because you can,
  • taking personal responsibility over blaming the system,
  • changing products over trying to justify harmful product decisions,
  • taking the climate crisis seriously over greenwashing,
  • subtractive solutions and doing more with less over adding unnecessary complexity,
  • taking time to consider the direct and indirect effects of product decisions over moving fast and breaking things.

The Goal

The goal of the framework is to help all tech workers develop and modify products and features to be more safe, inclusive, and sustainable and help tech founders and decision-makers make informed decisions on whether a new product or feature should be built.

The framework drives insights from the following disciplines:

  • ethics,
  • diversity & inclusivity,
  • sustainability,
  • systems thinking.

Core Values

The principles and tools within the framework have the goal of promoting:

Equality, liberty, fairness, and social justice

Greater diversity and inclusivity

Improved accessibility

Cultural sensitivity

Psychological and physical safety

Long-term sustainability for people and the planet

Ready to be the change you want to see?

Explore the ResponsibleTech.Work Pledges and get inspired to act.