We’re building the Responsible Tech Library to inspire conversations around responsible tech. We invite you to browse its resources and use this space to meet with people interested in responsible tech.

Library sections · Visitor tips · About the project

Library sections

The Library consists of three main sections:

Logo for the Lookout sectionLookout: visit this room when you want to check responsible tech publications or explore one of the in-depth articles to reflect on the past, present, and future of technology. The Lookout articles are hand-picked by the librarians and aim to provide a broader perspective on tech.

Logo for the Exhibition sectionExhibitions: in this room, we’ll explore specific responsible tech topics through multimedia exhibitions that inform and challenge our views on technology. Stay tuned for the announcement of our first exhibition!

Logo for the Library & Garden sectionLibrary & Garden: when you want to learn about a topic related to responsible tech, we invite you to browse the foundational resources in the main Library section, organized by category, type, and need. And be sure to visit the garden in the middle to sit down and discuss responsible tech with friends or other visitors.

Browsing the Logo for the Library & Garden sectionLibrary

To help you learn about different aspects of responsible tech, we’ve selected foundational resources and organized them into five categories: accessibility, algorithmic bias and fairness, diversity and inclusion, general tech ethics, and sustainability.

To browse the resources, you can simply walk by the tables in each of the category and open the websites for resources that catch your interest. In each category, we have selected resources of different types (tools, books, websites, organizations, and other), each represented with its own icon.

If you’re coming to the Library with a specific need in mind, you can also use the carpets in front of resource tables to orient yourself:

  • If you want to learn about a responsible tech category or are ready to further challenge your understanding, look for the carpets with fire. These resources will inspire you to act and expose you to diverse, personal experiences in the form of stories, articles, and even fiction.
  • If you are getting ready to act but need fuel for your arguments, look for carpets with charts that point to observations on responsible tech, such as reports, statistics, and other types of research.
  • If you’re eager to change your practice and the way you contribute to tech, look for carpets with tools. These resources include ethical tools, best practices, and other practical advice.
  • If you want to connect with like-minded people to sustain your fire, look for carpets with people to explore communities and organizations that can support your training and practice.

Visitor tips

  • You can enter an audio/video chat with other visitors if you stand close to each other. If you want to walk around the Library together, you can use the Follow function. Walk close to each other to initiate the call and have the leader of the group press the Follow button next to the video/audio controls. Once the others confirm, you’ll be able to walk as a group and maintain the audio/video chat.

  • Different parts of the Library include background music. If you want to mute the music or change the volume, use the audio slider at the top of the window.

About the project

The Responsible Tech Library was built and is being maintained by ResponsibleTech.Work as an open source tool. The Library map we use in WorkAdventure is hosted on GitHub. Feel free to open a new issue if you notice any problems with the map or would like to submit content suggestions to the librarians.

For any other general questions or suggestions regarding the Library, you can also email us at info@ResponsibleTech.Work