Responsible Innovation & Development Methodologies

Learn how to evolve your existing innovation and development methodologies for more responsible product development.


Currently, various startup methodologies show startups how to search for their product/market fit without factoring in the social and planetary costs of their chosen business models. By including these hidden costs, we can teach a new generation of startups to innovate with more responsible business models.

Product innovation

For companies and teams looking for the next big thing, methodologies such as Design Thinking and Design Sprint emphasize quick prototyping and market testing to make sure solutions resonate with potential customers. By considering the inclusivity and hidden social and planetary costs of new solutions, we can make sure to ask the tough questions before a single line of code is written.

Product development

SCRUM and other agile methodologies for software development have made the process more responsive to people's needs. By considering ethics, inclusivity, and sustainability, we can make sure our next sprint is not only responsive to market needs but also more responsible towards the planet and the people we usually forget to consider.

Why change?

Tech companies can no longer afford to move fast and break things. It’s time for us to factor in the social and planetary costs of product innovation and development.

We recognize that thinking about ethics, diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability on top of existing business needs is hard. We aim to reduce the cost (and the pain) of adopting a more responsible approach to product innovation and development by proposing easy-to-implement updates of processes we’re already familiar with.